Antonio Prtenjača


When considering enrolling in the EFRI International Summer School 2021, I was guided by the good experiences of previous students and decided to enroll. It turned out to be the best possible decision. First of all, the EFRI team that ran the Summer School made a really detailed guide to the summer school, and they were also available at all times so there were no unknowns about what would happen during the Summer School. Lectures and workshops were at the highest level, and the lecturers were both domestic and foreign respectable experts. In such an environment, it is easy to acquire new knowledge that can be used in further professional development. Also, given the interactive communication in English in class, I refreshed my knowledge of English related to professional terminology. It should also be mentioned that this year the Summer School was in a hybrid model (online and onsite). Given the other commitments, this happened to be a great solution in my case. Therefore, it should be said that EFRI International Summer School 2021 is a great experience that I will remember for a long time.

Živa Šuta


As a law student, I know that interdisciplinarity and general knowledge are important. The EFRI Summer School at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka offered a great deal to us. The lectures and workshops were all very intriguing and sparked interest in the current topics about the EU and economics. Although this year's summer school was accompanied by the Covid-19 epidemics, the organizers really made the effort to provide to the ‘onliners’ the ability to participate in the same way that we would at the faculty. The EFRI Summer School will surely be remembered by the kindness of the organizers and participants, the international atmosphere, and a unified spirit for a better Europe. Undoubtedly a great student experience.

Janis Balodis


The EFRI Summer School was unique as the year of 2020. From previous Croatian educational experience at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split and my community work as the part of European Solidarity Corps (ESC) at Požeg, I decided to participate the EFRI Summer School 2020 by the online and digital option, because I didnt want to miss this wonderful experience. I participated an inclusive, open minded and creative multicultural team for the purpose to explore the international politics, geopolitics and global challenges. I had a keen interest on the lectures like the “European Monetary Integration and the Future of Euro” and “EU Structural Policy: Key to European Cohesion. Implementation of Knowledge Economy in the New Member States”. It was a great to meet in online platform one of the professors of the EFRI Summer School Katja Zajc Kejžar, who lectured the lecture about the European Economic Integration and who held the European Integration lecture at the Ljubljana Summer School in 2013, which was my first lecture about the European Studies. Definitively I enjoyed the lecture about negotiation skills, because this was my practical take - away from the EFRI Summer School, which I am using after career of the graduation of the EFRI Summer School.

Gvantsa Maisuradze


Hi, my name is Gvantsa. I’m from Georgia, Tbilisi. Last summer I participated in the EFRI Summer School of Rijeka(Croatia). The school was amazing experience. It gave me memories that I will never forget. It’s one of the best period of my life. Participants were all over the word and I gain many new friends. The lectures  were truly interesting, held by the best Croatian lecturers and European experts. This courses  expanded my knowledge in banking system and economic policy of Croatia and about European integration process. This I will use in my academic career. Besides the perfect environment for expanding knowledge, the friendly atmosphere is what really affected me. That’s why I want to give many, many thanks to EFRI  team, they are really best. After this experience, I believe that we shouldn’t miss any chances that life gives us and I highly recommend everyone to join EFRI Summer School in the next years and receive useful knowledge and exciting experience.

Danijela Brkovic


Deciding to enroll in the EFRI Summer School session 2020 was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is an amazing opportunity, allowing you to learn about economics, business, and other related topics about Europe's integration process. We had the opportunity to learn from top lecturers in their respective fields, which reinforced the strong academic learning environment. All of the course administrators were very receptive to all students and any questions they may have had.  The only thing that I wish was different was that we could not go to the University of Rijeka because of Covid 19; I would have loved to see the campus and take in all the city's culture. If you are still considering whether or not to enroll in this course, take my advice and apply for it - you will not regret it!

Robert Silconi


I applied to EFRI Summer School with the purpose of widening my perspectives and to learn something new and out of ordinary concerning International Environment. My main motive was the reason that the topics were interesting and up-to-date. The entire programme was held online due to Covid-19 pandemic, which shows that the School is modern and capable of adapting to newly determined situations. The topics were related to Croatian integrations within the EU, which I found mostly interesting because at the time Croatia was entering the whole process of adopting Euro so additional knowledge was indeed useful. Also, meeting great companions and sharing informations and knowledge with others was relevant. I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such a programme and I am especially satisfied because I finished the school with new ideas for the topic for my final thesis at the main study! Overall, I would recommend the program to anyone who has the will to do something more out of her/his studies and at the same time have excellent social experience.

Minh Tran


EFRI Summer School is one of the most appealing things that I’ve done during my study time in Europe! It's not only about gaining deeper knowledge, but also about getting to know the country, making invaluable friendships and memories. We still keep in touch after the program! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience something unforgettable in his/ her life.



It's not often that one finds a perfect place for vacation and vocation together. The EFRI Summer School 2019 was a perfect example for me to experience these two together. In a multinational environment, I not only enjoyed learning from lecturers coming from different countries, institutional and industrial visits, but I also had lot of fun and today, 12 days of the EFRI Summer School are converted to sweet memories in my life. I really recommend the EFRI Summer School - if there was any chance, I would participate again. I don’t know how to express the value and the standard of EFRI maintained throughout the Summer School which is supported by the beautiful Croatian islands which were simply awesome.


Republic of Kosovo

When you just enter Croatia (as I did at Jelšane - Rupa border crossing point), you suddenly start feeling different. Maybe due to the summer weather, greenery or the feeling of being close to the sea, your heart starts bumping under the pressure of adrenaline. And it’s getting more and more dramatic while the bus is getting closer to Rijeka and Opatija (with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic Riviera). It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that your expectations will definitely be exceeded above and beyond. Impressive! That’s how I would describe my first meeting with one of the organizers – Katarina. And, believe me, her warmth and her welcoming energy was not a surprise anymore. Everybody else had the same attitude. And I instantly started feeling like I knew these awesome souls years even before the summer school. “Tell me, Besnik” – the usual reply of Anna, who was at our disposal for anything 24/7. The immediate commitment was outstanding. You would never feel a second left behind or ignored, not even for the smallest concern. It would take a lot more pages to write about the social experiences with the organizers and the participants, which made the two-week stay in Croatia amazing and full of memories. Besides the memorably familiar behaviour of the organizing team, the event itself was tremendously brilliant. Lectures, study visits, discussions, presentations, workshops and a lot more, made the EFRI Summer School 2019 one of the most unforgettable experiences ever. Not to mention the tours within and around Rijeka, the Istria County and Zagreb, which were filled with adrenaline, astonishment, new lessons, and, to some extent, even with enlightenment. The event was well organized with a well-structured agenda. It might feel a little bit overwhelming with all those lectures, but if you are willing to learn and show yourself in a debating environment, there is your chance. Especially when it comes to some extinguishing professors, who are well-informed and have a very inclusive approach, you may find yourself in a high level of academic discussion. As I am writing this, I recall my speech at the closing ceremony of EFRI 2019, where I stated that such events are highly appreciated among students, especially the ones from less developed countries (such as the Western Balkan ones), for more than one or two reasons. At the end of the day, each participant is networked with others and the bonds of friendship are stronger than ever. Nationality becomes just a demographic difference, and so do other things. With the EFRI Summer School, bridges are built between people coming from different backgrounds. Each name of my new family members at EFRI is rock-solid carved in my heart and thoughts. To anyone reading this, I recommend moving heaven and earth in order to apply and to become an active part of the EFRI Summer School 2020. It is an experience which fills our lives with meaning. It is such an event that, in only two weeks, becomes our lifetime experience.



Last year, I participated in the EFRI Summer School in Rijeka which was an amazing experience added to my academic career. In this Summer School, I extended my knowledge about the European Integration process and visited four important Croatian companies, where I had the opportunity to learn about their successful business strategies. Besides, we visited the capital of Croatia (Zagreb), with the aim of broadening our knowledge about the monetary policy of Croatia. Apart from the interesting and intellectually challenging subjects discussed during the course and study trips, these two weeks were also very exciting from a social perspective. The participants of the EFRI Summer School came from all around the world (India, Belgium, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc.), which led to a huge exchange of knowledge, perceptions and cultural values, which I consider as highly valuable for the rest of my life. I would surely recommend this Summer School, because you will enjoy a two-week program full of interesting study trips to successful Croatian companies, day trips with the aim of discovering Croatia and last, but not least, parties in the Croatian sun.



I participated in the 2018 EFRI Summer School in Croatia. My primary motivation for attending this Summer School was the focus on the EU and the possibility to see this from the perspective of a new member state. The courses were satisfying, but not my most important take away. It turned out that a relatively small group of participants (+/- 15) made it possible to do a lot of activities together, apart from the official part. There are not many places where you can first attend classes and then go swimming at some hidden beach shown by the local students. This mix of intellectual and social activities makes the Summer School a great experience. It showed me how great Croatia and its people are and I'm definitely going back there!



Hello, my name is Sam L. Heuten. I am a master student of Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp. In the summer of 2018, I participated in the EFRI Summer School in Rijeka (Croatia). It was simply an amazing experience. A perfect blend of students from different parts of Europe: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, etc. The atmosphere was vivid and truly amazing, partially due to the FIFA World cup. The courses were very interesting and we met some experts in their specific fields. The program consists of lectures combined with field trips, company visits, hiking trips, etc. Local students help you explore the country from the shopping malls to the beaches. If you try, you will also pick up some Croatian words. All in all, I would definitely recommend this Summer School. One of the main advantages is the flexible schedule which makes sure that everyone enjoys.



Hi, my name is Lada. I am student at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka. Last summer I participated in the EFRI Summer School. The school was an amazing experience, I learned a lot about the EU and I met people from all over the world. However, my favourite part were study trips. We visited a lot of companies in our district, so not only we learned something new, we also saw how beautiful Croatia really is. I would recommend EFRI Summer School to everyone; you will learn a lot, and you will also have a great time!



Following the EFRI Summer School program was a great international experience. We discussed interesting topics, visited attractive companies and saw some beautiful places. During the process, I met new people and I got to discover different points of view of people from all over the world. I would recommend the EFRI summer school to every student.



Our summer school program was really filled with lectures, workshop preparations, excursions. Nevertheless, we had time for communication, information exchange and some parties with our new friends from different countries. I suppose that it was a great experience in my life. Thank you the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka (EFRI) for organizing this summer school!



I absolutely recommend the EFRI Summer School to everyone looking for an adventure abroad. It is a nice opportunity to enlarge your personal world-view by getting in touch with different nationalities and cultures.